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Check this testimonial videos   Experience the freedom to explore your 3D designs with the world’s first wireless 3D mouse. Utilizing 2.4GHz wireless technology, the SpaceMouse Wireless uses a microUSB receiver for a reliable and discreet connection to your PC...


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The most popular CAD controller in the 3Dconnexion line of 3D mice, the SpaceMouse Compact is perfect for architects, interior designers, furniture designers, or even 3D hobbyists or beginners. Simplicity, affordability, and compatibility with over 100 3D applications make SpaceMouse...


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THE ULTIMATE CAD SOLUTION 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise, CadMouse Pro Wireless and CadMouse Pad create a synergistic ecosystem that simply cannot be recreated using a regular mouse and keyboard. SpaceMouse Enterprise smoothly positions objects and views, while CadMouse Pro Wireless selects...


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If you are a 3D CAD user, the SpaceMouse Pro may be just the 3D mouse you’ve been looking for! Its 15 custom programmable, soft touch keys are extremely stylish, well laid out and convenient to use, giving you easy...


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THE MOBILE CAD SOLUTION All You Need for an Efficient, Mobile Engineering PerformanceYou don’t always work in the same place and your devices need to be designed to meet your needs as a mobile engineer. With the SpaceMouse Wireless Kit...


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Built For Top Engineering Performance At the top, there is no room for second best. The world’s premier firms demand the highest level of performance from their engineering teams. There are no excuses for missed opportunities or subpar output; there...


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The SpaceMouse Pro 3D mouse, winner of the 2013 Red Dot Award for Product Design, is now available in a wireless version! Experience this incredible technology for yourself.  The full size hand rest affords users comfort even when working for...


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Introduction The 3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro with detached numpad is engineered to help you create digital 3D models and professional designs. Its compact width enables a better position of your mouse or pen resulting in a more natural and comfortable posture....


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Professional Ergonomics and Precision in a Left-Side Body CadMouse Pro Wireless Left is the full-size, left-side solution for CAD users who prefer a left-handed mouse, or require a transition to reduce or prevent chronic Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Offering 3Dconnexion’s...


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The ultimate ergonomic mouse for CAD professionals CadMouse Pro is the industry-acclaimed purpose-built mouse specifically suited for design and engineering professionals. Featuring superior ergonomics, a dedicated middle mouse button and a high-resolution optical sensor, the full-size wired mouse offers exceptional...


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The New CadMouse Pro Wireless, fills a gap in the 3Dconnexion CadMouse line up, When 3Dconnexion released the first version of the CadMouse Wireless it had a slightly smaller form-factor than the original USB cabled 3Dconnexion CadMouse, which made it...


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Developed for top-level wireless performance in a compact body Lightweight and agile, it is especially suited for design and engineering professionals who prefer to use a compact form factor and want devices that are  suitable for mobile workstyles. Featuring advanced...