TurboCAD Support

For any TurboCAD support enquires on products that have been purchased through Digital3d.com.au please email admin@digital3d.com.au You can also email TurboCAD (IMSI) direct on support@imsidesign.com with your product name, version, and any other information that might help our support staff diagnose the problem.

Currently Supported Versions are:

Product Line  Policy  Versions
 TurboCAD for Windows  Current and 3 versions back  21, 20, 19, and 18
 TurboCAD LTE & LTE Pro  Current and 2 versions back  6, 5, and 4
 TurboCAD for Mac  Current and 2 versions back  8, 7, and 6
 Plug-ins and CAD Companions  Varies by product  Varies by product