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Dobot Magician - High precision 4-axis Robotic Arm for Desktop (Advanced)


VENDOR: Einscan

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Pushing the boundaries of human-machine cooperation.


Getting students to gain interest in STEM subjects has been a long-standing challenge for teachers across all levels of education. The advent of Dobot will change all that with its engaging and hands-on learning.

The Dobot Magician is a powerful educational tool for children. Through the collaborative process of envisioning tasks and programming instructions, students can direct the high-precision robotic-arm to perform a number of tasks: from 3D printing, to object handling, to writing & drawing.  

Operating the Dobot will tap into the higher-order thinking skills of students and challenge them to solve problem-based activities, which they can get an instant feedback from. This multipurpose robot with changeable tool extensions opens the door to many possibilities and applications.

Visualised Programming

Programming is made fun and more interactive with the visual-based Dobot Blockly. Drag, drop and piece together lines of codes to create a full set of command for the Dobot to execute.

Teaching Process Control

Through hands-on coding or movement mimicry & memorization, students will have an intimate understanding of process control, which will better prepare them into future engineering disciplines. Students will use the Dobot to learn how to ensure a process can be consistently maintained to operate at the target level of performance.

Changeable tools to fit the purpose

The Dobot is supplied with accessories which allow users to equip the robot-arm to perform an intended action. These accessories include a 3D printer extrusion head, a suction cup attachment, a gripper and pen holder.


Different methods of control and connectivity.

Students can control Dobot with a handheld integrated controller, coding or assisted movement. Connecting to the Dobot is easy: simply choose from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB cable.


Incorporate Dobot Magician into your robotics curiculum 

Packing list:
  • Arm robot
  • Suction cup
  • Gripper
  • Bluetooth module
  • Writing and drawing kit
  • 3D printing kit
  • Wi-Fi module
  • Joystick control kit
  • Number of Axes: 4
  • Payload: 500 g
  • Max. Reach: 320mm
  • Position Repeatability (Control): 0.2 mm
  • Communication: USB /WIFI */ Bluetooth
  • Power Supply: 100V - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power In: 12 V / 7 A DC
  • Consumption: 60W Max
  • Working Temperature: -10°C-60°C
  • Net Weight: 3.4KG
  • Gross weight ( Standard Version): 7.2KG
  • Gross weight ( Education Version): 8.0KG
  • Base Dimension(Footprint): 158mm × 158mm
  • Materials: Aluminum Alloy 6061, ABS Engineering Plastic
  • Controller: Dobot Integrated Controller
  • Robot Mounting: Desktop
  • Packing Size (L × W × H): 307mm × 224mm × 330mm
  • Carton Size  (L × W × H): 345mm × 290mm × 485mm
  • Software: DobotStudio, Repetier Host, GrblController3.6, DobotBlockly (Visual Programing editor)
  • SDK (Software Develop Kit): Communication Protocol, Dobot Program Library
Extensible I/O Interfaces
  • I/O × 10 (Configurable as Analog Input or PWM Output)
  • Controllable 12V Power output × 4
  • Communication Interface (UART, Reset, Stop, 12V, 5V and two I/O included)
  • Stepper × 2
Axis Movement:
  • Joint 1 base:
    • Range: -135° to +135°
    • Max Speed(250g workload): 320° / s
  • Joint 2 rear arm:
    • Range: 0° to +85°
    • Max Speed(250g workload): 320° / s
  • Joint 3 forearm:
    • Range: -10°to +95°
    • Max Speed(250g workload): 320° / s
  • Joint 4 rotation servo:
    • Range: +90° to -90°
    • Max Speed(250g workload): 480° / s
3D printer Kit:
  • Print Size (L × W × H): 150 mm ×150 mm × 150mm
  • Material: PLA
  • Resolution: 0.1mm
Pen Holder:
  • Pen Diameter : 10mm
Vacuum Suction Cap:
  • Cap Diameter: 20mm
  • Pressure: -35 Kpa
  • Range: 27.5mm
  • Drive Type: Pneumatic
  • Force: 8N
Does not include the laser as, the laser is class 3b and in accordance with AS/NZS IEC 60825.1 are deemed to be restricted from import or sale and thus are excluded from importation to Australia and New Zealand.
Dobot Magician - High precision 4-axis Robotic Arm for Desktop (Advanced)

Dobot Magician - High precision 4-axis Robotic Arm for Desktop (Advanced)