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3D Basic Training Bundle for TurboCAD 2018 ( Download )



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TurboCAD 2D/3D Basic Training covers the basics of 2D drafting and 3D design using TurboCAD® 2018. It offers a range of exercises covering both technical and architectural designs so you can more quickly accomplish your precision design goals.
This versatile product can be used as a starter training program or as an intermediate training guide.

3D Basic Training Guide for TurboCAD® 2018

This training program is designed around a self-paced instructional basis with each Session providing detailed, highly illustrated step-by-step instructions to complete each Task.   At the beginning of each Session, a Worksheet is provided which gives an overview of the commands used in the Session.  A printable drawing and a TurboCAD drawing sample is provided for each session.
The Sessions provide a complete start-to-finish video animation of each Task, allowing the user to understand each topic clearly. A comprehensive guide to frequently 3D tools is supplied, complete with worked examples.

The Easiest Way to Learn 3D Computer-Aided Design with TurboCAD® 2018

The Work Sessions


    Ribbon UI 
    In Session 3-3D you will learn about creating a solid model from the sketch produced earlier.  In this Session, you will also learn about:
    • Creating a Block of a sketch.
    • Using Isometric Views and Workplanes.
    • Using the Join Polyline tool to create a profile.
    • Extruding a profile.
    • Moving objects onto the Workplane.
    • Using Boolean Facet tools such as 3D Add and 3D Subtract.
    • Applying material properties to a solid object.
    • Creating a drawing layout.
    In Session 4-3D you will learn about designing a modular chair by creating, manipulating and extruding profiles. In this Session, you will also learn about:
    • Creating and modifying a sketch profile suitable for extrusion.
    • Rotating 2D objects in a 3-dimensional plane.
    • Duplicating 3D objects using the Mirror Copy tool.
    • Adding and subtracting 3D objects.
    • Modifying the profile of a solid to be used as a sweep path.
    • Sweeping a profile along a path.
    • Applying material properties to objects. 
        3D Basic Training Bundle for TurboCAD 2018 ( Download )

        3D Basic Training Bundle for TurboCAD 2018 ( Download )